Ways To Save Fuel

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With the ever increasing fuel prices there is need to come up with innovative ways to save on fuel consumption. These vary from general top of your head solutions to technical solutions.

Remember Vectors? Why go the long route if there is a shorter one as an alternative? Common sense dictates that the longer the distance, the more the time spent with a running engine and thus more fuel consumed. Get your bearings right. Maps will come in handy. You could also learn to pick the smoother route to your destination. Avoid that bumpy road when you have a smoother alternative at your disposal.

Avoiding heavy traffic is a smart move too and comes down to several right decisions at the right time. It could be as simple as trying to leave home early to avoid rush hours or leaving the office an hour later to avoid the highway when everyone else is on it. If the worst happens and you find yourself stuck in a snarl up, practice switching off your engine. No point in burning fuel when you are rooted on the same sport for hours.


The heavier the load, the more the effort needed and obviously more energy required. This means avoiding unnecessary luggage on the car. Stuff like carrying that spare tyre when heading for a short trip down town to the supermarket, golf clubs and other stuff you only use during weekends can be avoided to make sure the car is as light as possible. A lighter vehicle uses lesser fuel.

Buying a more fuel efficient car is something you would want to consider next time you are thinking about what type of car to buy. Do your research or seek advise from the salesperson.

You could also avoid unnecessary use of your car. Consider using public means once in a while, carpooling with friends when attending the same event, planning your schedules in such a way that you handle all the business that requires you to drive there in one trip instead of taking several trips. Come up with a schedule that allows you to kill more birds with fewer stones.

The cleaner the engine the more efficient it will be. Ensure air filters of the engine are clean. Restricted air flow into the engine hampers its performance. Picture breathing through clogged lungs.

You can also avoid using the air conditioning when you have the option of regulating the temperatures manually. You can choose to open or shut the windows depending on the results you are seeking to achieve.

Driving slower is also a sure way of conserving fuel. Driving faster requires combustion of more fuel and you end up earning lesser mileage than you normally would if you were driving at a slower speed. Not to mention the fact that speed kills.

Find a way that will help you achieve that goal of saving on the fuel that you use you car and it will also translate to a stress free and pleasurable driving experience.

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