The Retail Revolution There’s No Stopping Online Shopping

Submitted by: Anel Hugo

E-commerce is changing the traditional consumer lifestyle from driving to the mall and loading your cart with goods to an I-can-buy-anything-anytime-anywhere lifestyle. Let s face it. All roads are leading online!

The South African online retail market has been growing steadily over the past few years but with the arrival of Zando things have stepped up a few notches. Zando is the online fashion superstore that’ll change the way South Africans shop online forever. The time for South Africa to enter the online shopping industry is now! However, recent research has shown that there are still many doubts and objections among consumers who have never shopped online before. Of course many of these concerns are valid coming from a time before Zando. That time has passed now. Shopping online at Zando is easy, safe and just makes sense.

Still have doubts? We bust the myths

The tangible myth: I can t try on the product before I buy it!

The answer: Zando provides a perfect size guide to determine your size before purchase. Even better-upon delivery, you are allowed to try it on and if it doesn t fit you can send it back.


The delivery myth: Delivery makes it cost more to shop online and what if I’m not at home when you deliver?

The answer: Zando offers free delivery! So effectively, shopping with us is cheaper than driving to the store. The delivery date and time will be arranged with you beforehand. You can even have your item delivered to work. Any address you provide, we ll meet you there!

The security myth: It s not safe to submit my credit card details online.

The answer: Zando has a strict security policy ensuring your details stay safe and secure.

The payment myth: I have to pay with my credit card.

The answer: You can pay cash on delivery or EFT. You can transfer the due amount into Zando s account or you can pay cash the moment it s delivered to you.

The time myth: I will have to wait a long time to get my purchased item.

The answer: Wait no more! Zando will be knocking on your door from between 24 and 48 hours of your purchase. How is that for service!

The parking myth: I won t be able to find parking.

The answer: Oh wait! You won t need parking because you will be shopping from home, the office, while lying on the beach or even from your local coffee shop.

There you have it. Six fail-safe reasons why you should be shopping online. Like I said, it just makes sense. If you are looking for that unique shopping experience, it’s time you put aside the worries and fears you have about online shopping, and get up to join the retail revolution. So, to recap, why should you shop online at Zando? It s simple no parking hassles, no waiting in queues, no bumping into every other shopper, no leaving the comfort of your own home. Check out real shopping on Get ready – Shop Now!

About the Author: Anel Hugo is the creative writer for South Africa’s new online fashion store, Zando.


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