Solutions To Common Mistakes In E Commerce Website Development


A common misconception for Atlanta business owners developing their own eCommerce sites is that using a template from an eCommerce platform is all that is needed to launch a terrific website.

While these templates do offer support in creating a website, they can also be modified and added to, often resulting in a complicated, difficult to navigate site for end-users. To avoid this issue, working with a company specializing in eCommerce website development offers a practical solution to these common problems.

Too Much Going On

A common mistake with do-it-yourself eCommerce websites is information and graphic overload on home pages, landing pages, and sales pages. This can even include simple issues such as too many different colors, graphics, and fonts used on a page.

The solution to this issue is to consider the use of white space on the page and to keep information in concise, informative blocks. A top eCommerce website development team looks at both the functionality as well as the overall design of the site to provide the correct balance.

Security and Trust

A professional company in Atlanta offering eCommerce website development puts security for the end-user as a central component of the site. This means ensuring the SSL certificate is valid and recognized across all platforms and browsers, and also providing the necessary information to help the end-user to feel confident in putting their personal and financial information on the site to place an order.

Ensuring the shopping cart functions and there are no error messages or inconsistencies in the checkout process are always a critical part of eCommerce website development. When consumers have difficulties or see atypical types of pages at checkout, they are very unlikely to continue with the purchase, resulting in abandoned shopping carts, low conversion rates, and limited sales. On the other hand, a seamless, secure and positive experience at checkout builds customer confidence and keeps them coming back.