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What are commercial property investments?

Commercial properties are any type of real estate investment that is designed to generate income for the owner. Returns are often in the form of rental revenues, although other returns can also be obtained. Popular types of commercial propeties including industrial properties, healthcare investments and retail buildings, such as shops, but the most popular types are bars, restaurants, hotels and office space.


Alongside bed and breakfasts and hotels, bars are one of the main types of commercial real estate open to overseas buyers. In areas with a strong tourist industry and a high likelihood of regular, repeated custom, investing in a bar can be a lucrative decision.

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Bed and breakfasts

For second home owners or buy-to-let investors, bed and breakfast property in popular holiday destinations can offer a reliable rental yield. Other popular commercial property types include bars, hotels, cafes and office space.

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Car parks


Yes, you read that correctly: car parks. They are an overlooked alternative investment option, with limited space in city centres generating strong demand for spaces to rent out for vehicles.

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Golf courses

Investing in a golf course is a popular option for many sports fans. Whether buying a standalone golf course or a community resort, investors need to consider costs such as maintenance and staff as well as the demand for golfing facilities in the property’s location.

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Office space

Office buildings can be a valuable investment in the right commercial property market. Cities with low office supply and an increasing number of firms can lead to high occupancy rates and strong tenant yields.

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Hotel investments

Hotel investments allow buyers to own part of a piece of commercial real estate. They then earn a share of the revenue generated by nightly room rates.

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Guest house investments

Buy-to-let investors looking for stronger returns from a rental property can generate revenue from visitors in popular tourist locations by buying a guest house. Other similar commercial property types include bars, hotel room investments and cafes.

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Boatyard investments

It may sound strange, but like car parks, boatyards are one of many overlooked types of commercial property on the market. Like land-based real estate, income is generated by fees for residents, but can also include additional charges such as mooring costs.

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Medical facility investments

Medical facilities are required in almost every town and community around the world. They are therefore a popular commercial property for investors due to guaranteed levels of demand and consistent need for services.

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Restaurant investments

Much like bars and cafes, restaurants can be a reliable investment with yields that are not dependent on house prices or real estate trends. Unlike pubs, restaurants do not usually come with additional residential property to house the owner.

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Commercial property portfolios

Not sure which commercial property type to invest in? A commercial property portfolio allows investors to place money in a variety of income-generating real estate, from bars and restaurants to hotel rooms.

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