Paradise On Earth Shocked From Fury Of Flood}

Submitted by: Anupma Gupta

Jammu and Kashmir has immersed in flood and took many lives leaving people devastated by the grief and pain of losing everything. However, over 2, 30,000 people have been rescued in the state so far, but still there are many lives who are struggling to escape. Earth is a planet where lives thrive and makes it a wonderful place to fulfill our dreams. But sometimes natural calamities wreak havoc and leave us helpless before its violent judgment. For the several decades we have been a spectator of many disasters and this time we have come across seeing and facing the major destruction of flood in Jammu and Kashmir where people are dying from hunger, thirst, shelter less and crying for the sustenance.

Large sources of relief funds and rescue operations have been arranged for the flood victims including basic necessities like solar lamps, clothes, medicines, free calls and small boats. But there is a lot to do to rebuild and rehabilitate the lives and property. Major damage has hit the road, rail and telecommunication infrastructure. Jammu and Kashmir which is known as the paradise on earth has to rebuild by normalizing the lives once again.

We hardly try to find the root cause of this rage of nature. It is an outcome of our over constructions for our development and progress. The encroachment of commercialization of assets around us created buildings, industries and roads everywhere to give us advance lifestyle and business opportunities but forgetting that, we are paying a big price of losing our precious nature. The balance of nature has been disrupted by intervene of men in every area.

The latest scenario of development has shown by the interruption of constructing buildings, rails, metros, roads, malls, airports and runways by intruding in forest and field area. All green areas have been replaced by the residential and industrial areas.

Lack of greenery and trees is making our earth hollow, which keep us protected from the natural calamities. The entire urbanization concept has made us insensitive towards nature and its natural resources. Now this is the time we need to recognize this call of nature for building our land safe and secure for our upcoming generations.

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This initiative has been taken by as their social awareness programs, which give people a thought to do something for their moral responsibilities. They work for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) activities, which runs social awareness programs towards Save the girl child, Save electricity, Save water and Go green to save our earth from these evils and disasters. By participating in these activities we can have the privilege to provide our best support to the affected people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Children whose parents are no more with them in this calamity we can bring them home to save their lives or send to the orphanages to look after them. We can save many girl children by the Save the girl child campaign.

We should never waste our resources which are essential of our life like electricity and water is wasted through people in daily life which must save it and we can send it to the people of Jammu and Kashmir who are battling for these sources in this critical time of flood fury.

We have a chance to plant maximum trees around us to have a green and fresh environment by joining these programs. So that we can have fresh and pollution free environment.

Their beauty contest Ms. India and Mr. India 2014 has been also organized in this year by the vision to bring people ahead for contributing in to moral duties and social responsibilities. You can join us by log on to for participating in their beauty contest or getting chance to involve in CSR activities.

So lets take a pledge to save our earth from these disasters and evils forever by planting maximum trees around us to live happily ever after.

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