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Get the best testing equipment around, including Minimess test points, Microbore hoses, pressure test kits and gauges, test and data logging equipment, measurement sensors and many more fantastic pieces of equipment. You need the best equipment available, and you are sure to find it here. Visit today to find out more.

Visit Hydrotechnik today for all your pressure testing equipment, measurement sensors, data loggers and more. They are the international supplier of the original and highly regarded Minimess test points, Microbore hose, pressure test kits and gauges, test and data logging equipment, measurement sensors plus more equipment.

On top of this brilliant range of products, they also have Flowtechnik, which is a division of the company started in 2005. They offer a huge range of flow metres and instrumentation, and they focus on offering the finest flow measurement solutions around. Whatever testing equipment you are looking for, you are sure to find it here and of the highest quality too. You will find Microbore high pressure flexible hoses, assemblies, portable Minimess pressure test kits, fittings and accessories, switches and accessories, analogue or digital pressure gauges, measurement and test sensors for flow, pressure, temperature, RPM, current, voltage, plus much more, such as a subsea flow meter and fuel flow meter.

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In the Flowtechnik catalogue you will find axial flow turbines for process, subsea and hydraulic applications, circular gear and helical screw flow meters, Pelton wheel flow meters, variable area flow meters, oval gear positive displacement flow meters, displays and instrumentation for flow rate, and also additional instruments such as level switches and measurement, industrial sight glasses, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, analytical instruments plus more.

All of this brilliant equipment is of the highest standard, which is hugely important when you are conducting research and experiments, so you can rest assured knowing that your results are accurate with their amazing range of products. You can also browse what’s new at the store as well as special offers, so you may be able to pick up some equipment cheaper than normal or find an impressive new instrument. If you have any questions at all or want a quotation request then this is all available at the website too, and their expert team are sure to quickly respond to your enquiries.

So you can see that looking for a specialist supplier is the best thing to do in many cases. Depending on what you want you could also get the items more cheaply than you could elsewhere. An efficient service and better choice will also be likely benefits, so there is a better argument for seeking out a specialist in this situation than there is to go to a general store, either online or offline.

There is also a forum at the website, allowing you to discuss the equipment and more with other customers, and this has led to a strong community at the forum who are always happy to help too. So if you are looking for a subsea flow meter, fuel flow meter plus much more great equipment, visit today and check out their impressive range of products today. It is vital that you have the best testing equipment available, and all the products here are of the highest quality.

Visit online at http://www.hydrotechnik.co.uk/ for more details.

About the Author: Hydrotechnik offer an extensive range of flow meter with Circular Gear & Helical Screw Flow meters, Oval Gear Positive Displacement Flow meters for visual or electrical flow rate and many more. Visit online at


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Triveni Infrastructure Real Estate Delhi

Triveni Infrastructure Real Estate Delhi



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