How To Get Cheap Car Insurance In Norcross

byAlma Abell

In the United States, all drivers are required to have car insurance. Not doing so can lead to hefty penalties such as license suspension, the inability to register your vehicle or even jail time. Though it is mandatory, some people try to get around buying Car Insurance in Norcross, only to deal with a bigger headache and more expenses than if they had bought it to begin with. Some people think it is impossible to find cheap car insurance; however, they are sorely mistaken.

By paying a monthly premium to insurance agencies, drivers generally don’t have to worry about the costs of a collision or hospital treatment due to an accident because insurance will cover these costs (depending on the extent of coverage). However, insurance can be quite the financial ordeal if drivers aren’t aware of ways to lower their insurance costs.

All insurance agencies calculate their prices differently, but they generally follow similar guidelines as to what things can raise your rates and what things can lower your rates.


What Raises My Rates?

Things such as age, a bad driving record (multiple collisions in a short period of time), little-to-no driving experience, and having an older car without safety features can raise your insurance rates.

What Lowers My Rates?

Typically, your rates will be lowered if you have a good driving record, have partaken in some form of Driver’s Education, have good grades, and are a longtime policy holder or have multiple policies to your name. Anti-lock brakes and anti-theft devices almost always equate a reduction in your policy’s cost.

How Can I Lower My Rates Even More?

Most people don’t know that they are paying more for car insurance in Norcross than what they need to. Generally, the state’s minimum requirement for insurance will be your cheapest option, though there are still ways to cut down costs even more. By completely cutting out Comprehensive/Collision coverage, you can lower your over-all costs greatly, but it also comes at great risk; Comprehensive/Collision coverage is what allows you to be completely reimbursed for damages or loss in the event of an accident or a non-accident related event. Another easy way to lower your monthly rates is to increase your deductible amount. You’ll end up paying more in the face of an accident, but your monthly costs will be more manageable.

In the end, the big decision is: more coverage or more cost? Visit ATI Insurance for more information.

Most people don’t know that they are paying more for car insurance in Norcross than what they need to. For more information visit the website or Like us on Facebook.