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  • 10 October 2010: Residents of Leeds, England neighbourhood plagued with crime ask council for help
  • 26 June 2009: University study finds U.S. defense contract information in ‘electronic waste’ in Africa
  • 23 April 2009: Earth Day 2009 celebrated around the globe
  • 23 August 2008: Calls for bottled water bans grow in Canada
  • 13 March 2008: Australian Senator arrives at Parliament dressed as a beer bottle
  • 15 February 2008: 2008 Taipei International Book Exhibition: Varied features at Kid Book Hall
  • 9 January 2008: China bans free plastic bags
  • 9 January 2008: Fourteen days left to send National Geographic your shoe for world record
  • 2 October 2007: Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Family Coalition Party candidate Bob Innes, Hamilton East—Stoney Creek
  • 24 September 2007: Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Green candidate Martin Hyde, Ottawa West-Nepean
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Benefits Of Having English Voice Lessons

Benefits of Having English Voice Lessons



Being able to communicate extensively to other people can be one of the most profound and useful skills a person can have. The human voice is equipped with the features to ensure that communication is properly executed. There are about 6,500 spoken languages in the world and only a few of these are common. The human voice is the most essential tool in developing the languages used in society s everyday discourse.

According to recent studies, the vocal fold is the new term for the vocal chord as people find it easier to understand the term fold its anatomy, structure, etc. There are two vocal folds in a person s larynx. These vocal folds are responsible for voice exertions such as the level of sound produced, the pressure of loudness, pitch, and hoarseness. Without these vocal folds, it is impossible for a person to sing, talk, cry, scream or laugh.

YouTube Preview Image

Although Chinese (Mandarin) is listed as the first language to ever be spoken in the world, English is not far behind, for the language has over 329 million speakers. The English language is often referred to as the universal language because of its diversity and influence to various groups of speakers. Many people from all over the world understand and speak English aside from their native language.

Since English is influential, most people opt to study it in order to become proficient in the language. It may take some years and hours of grueling speech practice before a person can fully master the language. Fortunately, there are organizations and specialists that are willing to help a person attain English fluency. Americans enjoy singing a lot and get

music lessons New York

institutions offer, but some people who have diction problems can do good to enroll in speech centers.


New York speech

therapists recommend voice coaching for individuals who are struggling with the English language. Enrolling for a speech program will definitely be a great advantage for anyone, as this will improve one s confidence in communicating with other people. A person can also master the proper vocal tone which is critical for the mouth and throat as this will have a calming effect to the vocal muscles, resulting in a more sultry tone when speaking. Also, voice coaching is beneficial to one s health as this will strengthen the lungs capabilities.

New York voice lessons

can definitely help a person attain verbal promptness and fluency in no time. For more relevant information about voice lessons, go to

If you have questions, please visit us at for complete details and answers.

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Spanish Police kills Barcelona attack van driver

Spanish Police kills Barcelona attack van driver

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Last Monday, the police of Barcelona, Spain killed Younes Abouyaaqoub at At Subirats, west of Barcelona. Before the kill, the police started international search for the van driver on the preceding Sunday. When policemans tried to arrest him, he faced them so the police opened fire. On Monday, a woman saw a man resemble Younes’s photo provided by police, and wear long sleeves on a hot 30°C day. The woman alerted police. Police sent a robot to remove the explosives in the body of the man to prevent the security of the policemans in case to be real and allow the identification of the suspect, after they shot the man and subsequently confirmed his identity. Abouyaaqoub was the driver of the van that trampled and killed 13 persons and injured more of one hundred persons in La Rambla of Barcelona.

When the police arrive to the place and they tried to arrest the fugitive, he opened his shirt and showed a fake suicide belt while he said in high voice “Allah is great” and he walked over 13 meters until policemans so the Mossos opened fire. Next, police used robots to remove a fake suicide belt from the man. The belt may have contained explosives. Then while a police helicopter was observing the scene from air, police approached the man and confirmed that there were no explosives. Then police confirmed the man’s identity and found he also had knives.

Younes was the twelfth suspect in the Thursday van attack at La Rambla pedestrian walk. Police suspected him as the van driver. Police had started looking for Abouyaaqoub in France and Catalonia on Sunday.

The Moroccan citizen Younes Abouyaaqoub, 22 years old, was being pursued by police in Catalonia and near the French border. He is the only one of the twelve suspects still at large. Authorities believe he was in France. Abouyaaqoub was suspected of being the driver of the van used in the attack. According to his family, he exhibited more religiously conservative behaviour over the past year and became became reluctant to deal with women. After finished the attack Abouyaaqoub had to stole a car to make his escape and the driver of this car was killed by him.

Abouyaaqoub was in Subirats, a city on west of Barcelona when he has found by the Barcelona police, Mossos, and they were shot and killed to the fugitive. The suspect of the attack in Barcelona was wearing an explosive belt and the police didn’t inmediately identify him as Abouyaaqoub. A robot was used to remove the explosives while polices did the identification of the man died. The fugitive aroused suspicion to a woman because he had inadeaquates clothes for a hot day. The area where Abouyaaqoub was killed is a rural area, with too little population and it has pine trees.

The attack took place at 17:10 local time, (UTC+0100). The van drove 500 meters along a pedestrian walkway, killing 13 people, injuring more than a hundred. The van driver fled on foot. Local police officers searched the surroundings and arrested two suspects, but the van driver they did not find was not arrested.

According to the local government, victims included citizens from 24 different countries, including France, Venezuela, Ireland, Peru, Algeria, China, Belgium (1 dead), Greece (1 injured), Australia (1 dead, 2 injured), Taiwan (2 injured), Hong Kong (1 injured), and Germany (unknown whether dead or injured). Many of the injured taken to the hospital were tourists unable to speak Spanish. The hospitals called for interpreters to assist in communication with the patients. An Australian seven-year old boy is among the dead. He was alive when he arrived at the hospital but did not survive.

Public transportation services had been stopped and the square of Catalonia has been closed to prevent further attacks and to allow emergency services reach any emergencies faster. The police, asserting safety concerns, have asked people not share images or data about the attack on the Internet.

According to a Spanish broadcaster RTVE, the local police arrested Driss Oukabir as a suspect, and his identification documents were found in the van involved in the attack. The local news outlet also said that the suspect claimed his identification documents were missing and might have been stolen by his brother. Local police refused to comment on the identity of the individuals arrested., Mossos D’Esquadra, denied this report. Via Twitter, Mossos D’Esquadra said they had arrested a suspect and the incident was investigated as a “terrorist attack”.–>

The Amaq news outlet, allegedly linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militant group, claimed ISIS was responsible for the, saying “The executors of the Barcelona attack were soldiers of the Islamic State”. They did not disclose the identities of the attackers. They alleged the attack was meant to target a coalition of countries at war with Iraq and Syria.

A few hours after the first disaster, another attack took place in Cambrils, near Tarragona. The Catalonian police reported they had shot the suspects, killing at least five and injuring one. The police authorities said that the two attacks were connected. In the Cambrils attacks the police killed another Abouyaaqoub´s relatives, a brother and two cousings, all people were using fakes explosives belts, the car used by the three persons overturned and while they exited, the vehicle the police shot and killed them.

This was Spain’s deadliest attack since 2004, when 192 people were injured during their commute on trains in Madrid.


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NFL: Packers defeat Lions 31–21, Lions become first team to finish season with 0-16 record

NFL: Packers defeat Lions 31–21, Lions become first team to finish season with 0-16 record

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Green Bay Packers defeated the Detroit Lions on Sunday evening by a final score of 31–21, effectively ending the Lions’ season with an 0-16 record. The game was played at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin and was televised by Fox in the United States. Kickoff was at 1:00 p.m. EDT. The Lions became the first National Football League franchise to complete an “imperfect season” (without a victory) since the introduction of the 16-game schedule in the 1978 NFL season. The winless season comes just a year after the New England Patriots did the reverse, accomplishing the NFL’s first “perfect” 16-0 regular season.

After trailing the game 14–0 entering the second quarter, Detroit rallied back to tie the game at 14 by the end of the third quarter. The Packers took a 10-point lead halfway through the fourth quarter with a field goal by kicker Mason Crosby (Green Bay 17 – Detroit 14) and then a touchdown pass from quarterback Aaron Rodgers to fullback John Kuhn (Green Bay 24 – Detroit 14). The Lions fought back with a rushing touchdown by Kevin Smith which left Detroit within three points of tying the game. However, just 11 seconds later, the Packers took possession and Aaron Rodgers completed a 71-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Donald Driver (Green Bay 31 – Detroit 21). The Packers held on to the lead for the remainder of the game to seal their sixth victory on the season.

Lions quarterback Dan Orlovsky was 22-of-42 for 225 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions. Calvin Johnson led the Lions in receiving with 102 yards and touchdowns. Kevin Smith led the Lions in rushing with 92 yards and one touchdown.

For the Packers, quarterback Aaron Rodgers was 21-of-31 for 308 yards and three touchdowns, and running backs Ryan Grant and DeShawn Wynn rushed for 106 yards each. Wide receivers Donald Driver and Greg Jennings led the Packers in receiving, both tallying over 100 yards.

Prior to the Lions’ loss on Sunday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the only franchise since the 1970 AFL–NFL merger to finish a season without a victory or a tie. The 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers finished their season with a 0-14 record. It was the Buccaneers franchise’s first season in the NFL. Tampa Bay also lost the first 12 games of the 1977 season, and the team’s 26-game losing streak is still the longest in NFL history. The 1982 Baltimore Colts were the most recent NFL team to not win a game in their respective season, failing to win in the strike-shortened 1982 season, posting an 0-8-1 record.

Scoring summary
Qtr Team Time Scoring play Extra point Score
1 GB 09:02 Wynn 73 yard TD run Crosby kick GB 7–0
1 GB 01:33 Finley 3 yard TD pass from Rodgers Crosby kick GB 14–0
2 DET 11:22 Johnson 9 yard TD pass from Orlovsky Hanson kick GB 14–7
3 DET 10:28 Johnson 14 yard TD pass from Orlovsky Hanson kick Tied 14–14
4 GB 13:38 Crosby 36 yard field goal GB 17–14
4 GB 08:40 Kuhn 5 yard TD pass from Rodgers Crosby kick GB 24–17
4 DET 07:38 Smith 9 yard TD run Hanson kick GB 24–21
4 GB 07:27 Driver 71 yard TD pass from Rodgers Crosby kick GB 31–21

The Lions’ loss was closely watched by some members of the 1976 Buccaneers team, including defensive end Pat Toomay. Toomay told reporters, “I would like the torch to be passed…At the same time, you don’t want to wish that on anybody.” Toomay also pointed out that although the Buccaneers lost every game in their inaugural season, the team reached the NFC Championship Game in their fourth season (1979).

Steve Spurrier, the quarterback for the Buccaneers in the 1976 season, voiced his support for the Lions in their quest to win their first game of the season, hoping that only the Buccaneers would hold the distinction of finishing an “imperfect season.”

“I want that record,” Spurrier said. “I’m pulling for them, sure,” Spurrier added. “That’s the American thing to do, isn’t it?”

Entering the game, the Lions were 10½-point underdogs against the Packers in spread betting. Lions tackle Gosder Cherilus likened the team’s chance to avoid the 0-16 finish as a championship game. “It’s our Super Bowl,” Cherilus told reporters on Friday, December 27.

Were the 2008 Lions the worst team in NFL history?
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The Lions surpassed the 1980 New Orleans Saints with their 15th consecutive loss on December 21 to become the first team in NFL history to lose the first 15 games of the season. The 1980 Saints lost their first 14 games, but won their 15th game against the New York Jets.

The closest margin that the Lions came to within victory was two points, which came against the Minnesota Vikings on October 12. Minnesota won the game by a score of 12–10. The 1976 Buccaneers suffered five shutout losses (in which they did not score a single point) in their winless season. The closest that the Buccaneers came within victory was a 23–20 loss to the Miami Dolphins on October 24, 1976.

Prior to the regular season, the Lions won all four of their games in the exhibition season, which do not count in regular season standings or totals.

While the loss didn’t come without a fight from the Lions, players from the team knew that they would be forever remembered as possibly the worst team in NFL history. “I’ve got to live with this,” Lions center Dominic Raiola said. “I’ve been here eight years. This is on my résumé.”

“I don’t ever want to be a part of this again,” Lions quarterback Dan Orlovsky said. “We haven’t won since, November of ’07, maybe? I don’t even know the last time we won a game.” The franchise’s last victory in the regular season was on December 23, 2007 against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Packers players were just as eager for a victory. Green Bay’s quarterback Aaron Rodgers said while their own season was disappointing, they didn’t want to be forever remembered as the team that lost to the 0-15 Lions in the final game of the season. “We didn’t want to lose, no, we didn’t,” Rodgers said. “But really it’s not on your mind once the game starts. I didn’t even think about it until the fans started chanting in the fourth quarter. They played hard, they really did.” Packers fans in attendance at Lambeau Field began to chant “0-16” late in the game.

With their victory, the Packers finished their 2008 season with a 6-10 record. With the loss, the Lions finished their 79th season since their inception as the Portsmouth Spartans in 1929. It was the Lions’ 75th season in Detroit, Michigan. The franchise also secured the first-overall selection in the upcoming 2009 NFL Draft, a spot reserved for the NFL team with the worst record from the previous season entering the upcoming season.

After the game, Lions head coach Rod Marinelli declined to comment on his future with the team. Since being hired in 2006, the Lions have had a 10-38 record under Marinelli. The Lions have averaged 11 losses per season since 2001 and now have lost 23 of their last 24 games. The 0-16 record could be a lasting testimony to the Matt Millen era. With Millen as president of the team from 2001 until he was fired on September 24, Detroit won only 31 games. Millen was widely criticized for his handling of the Lions organization, and Lions fans rallied to have him relieved of duties for years.

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Schweinsteiger announces retirement from international football

Schweinsteiger announces retirement from international football

Monday, August 1, 2016

On Friday, German football captain and Manchester United F.C. midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger announced retirement from international football.

Debuting in 2004, Schweinsteiger has won 120 international caps, Germany’s fourth all time most capped player. He was part of the German squad for the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament in France and became the first German to play eighteen Euro matches, surpassing the fourteen-match record of Philip Lahm. Schweinsteiger has played in four Euro tournaments — 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016.

Schweinsteiger said, “I have asked the national team coach to not consider me for Germany selection in future, as I would like to step down from the national team. I would like to thank the fans, the team, the DFB, the coaches and the national team’s backroom staff.” ((de)) German language: ich habe soeben den Bundestrainer gebeten, mich in Zukunft bei der Nominierung für die Nationalmannschaft nicht mehr zu berücksichtigen, da ich gerne zurücktreten möchte. Mein Dank gilt den Fans, der Mannschaft, dem DFB, den Trainern und dem Team um die deutsche Nationalmannschaft.

Schweinsteiger won the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. He has featured in three FIFA World Cup tournaments — in 2006, 2010 and 2014. He has played 38 matches in major international tournaments, which is a world record. Schweinsteiger’s last match in Germany’s jersey ended in a 2–0 defeat against France in the Euro 2016 semi-final.

After Schweinsteiger announced his retirement, his former Bayern Munich teammate and German player Thomas Müller tweeted, “Thanks for 120 international caps with the @DFB_Team [German Team] and many great and shared hours with the national team” ((de)) German language: Danke für 120 Länderspiele im @DFB_Team [Deutschland Mannschaft] und viele großartige, gemeinsame stunder bei der Nationalmannschaft .

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Cmms: Quick Save In Times Of Crisis}

CMMS: Quick Save in times of Crisis


Ashley Combs

The reports started coming in during the third shift set. The production was low for at least three of the machines in room 4, and half of the tools that were being produced were malformed. You wake up in the morning to a long list of emails that grow more and more frantic towards morning.

As the VP of Manufacturing, it is your responsibility to track down both the source of the problem as well as to find a solution to correct it, and fast. As you shrug on your coat and grab your keys, you call your Maintenance Manager at the site and find out whats been happening. He informs you that the defective machines have been shut down, and the reports have been pulled from each piece of equipment and are on your desk. You know that the CMMS Maintenance Software system that the plant relies on will provide some answers to the problem.

YouTube Preview Image

You rush to the car, relieved that the errors have been stopped, but also highly aware that the production has been as well, which puts you even farther behind deadline for your clients orders than you already were. With your production profits riding on you making your deadline, it is imperative that you find the source of the problem and correct it immediately.

Getting to the office, you tell you assistant that you will be out on the floor and not available for calls. You grab the reports that were created with your CMMS Maintenance Software, and walk quickly to meet with your foreman at the site of the first machine breakdown.

You can see the defect in the products immediately, and as you scan the report, you see that the initial problem started around midnight. Production was stopped around 12:30 during the hourly rounds.

A CMMS Maintenance Software system is the crux of any plants ability to run effectively. Production rates, down times and prospective problems can all be monitored at any time to ensure the highest productivity. From the perspective of the aforementioned VP of Manufacturing, these details are vital to the functionality of any manufacturing business.

We at

are dedicated to offering beautiful Amish furniture for all rooms of your home. With the addition of the new website we are able to offer our customers a wide selection of products such as bedroom, office, living room and outdoor furniture. Many products are made of fine oak furniture. Please

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CMMS: Quick Save in times of Crisis }

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Climate change impacts Wyoming

Climate change impacts Wyoming

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cheek numbing, eye watering winds whip across the plains of the Laramie Basin, Wyoming. The ground is yellow brown with patches of recalcitrant snow. Sheep Mountain is losing its winter coat. All normal affairs for March. The March edition of the Wyoming Basin Outlook Report also reports, based on February accumulations, that Snow Water Equivalent is at 99% of average.

The SWE is a measure of the snow pack that feeds the streams, rivers and reservoirs that Wyoming, Nebraska and other states depend upon for water. Current averages are compared to the average SWE for 1971-2000. In recent years, snow pack in this region has been anything but normal.

The Outlook Reports are issued January to June. Since March 2000, only five of 46 months have been above normal. While many of the winter months have been near normal, June’s snow pack is far below average. Even in 2006, the wettest year of the last eight years, June snow pack was only 37% of the average.

In an e-mail interview with Wikinews, Lee Hackleman, Water Supply Specialist, said

The snowpack is melting out several weeks earlier than average. The higher temperatures in the spring are responsible for this. There seems to be a significant drop in the amount of runoff that we are able to retain in our reservoirs, a lot of runoff seems to be soaking into the ground. We do not have the June flood events any more. We use to [sic] be cool then hot, not cool warm then hot.

In a phone interview with Wikinews, Myra Wilensky of the National Wildlife Federation in nearby Colorado, also commented on changing snow patterns.

In the west, nothing is ever clockwork, the patterns shift, a good amount of snowfall in the season and then a quick warm up. We don’t get the prolonged snowpack that we used to have. May have a really wet snow year, then really dry with rain.

Can’t count on getting estimated amount of snow anymore. March and November have historically been our snowiest months, but this year it’s been a fairly dry in March and November. Winter is shorter now.

This is part of a general increase in temperature in the region. An Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change cited by the National Wildlife Federation estimates that the temperature will rise almost 7 degrees (F) by 2100.

This will likely cause most, if not all, of the state’s glaciers to disappear. Wildfires may increase, droughts could get worse and rains–when they do come–will likely come in more severe downpours that may cause more flash flooding. Warmer temperatures also mean less snowpack in the mountains, leading to more winter runoff and reduced summer flows in many Wyoming streams.

The NWF’s main concern is the fate of the wildlife in the region, particularly how the impact of pine bark beetles. Warmer winters have led to mass infestations in Western lodge pole pine forests and The New York Times reports that they are now moving on to white bark pines in Yellowstone particularly impacting grizzly bears there. In turn, the grizzlies are shifting to feeding on Canadian thistle, an invasive species that might be choking out native plants.

Changing weather patterns have also affected large migratory animals.

This year winter came late. When the heavy snows hit, the mule deer and the elk were spread out, had to be fed. Feeding isn’t newsworthy, happened before like in 1982 but it wasn’t as successful this year because they were so spread out.

Water for people has also become a major issue in the region.

There is a much greater concern for water rights than there used to be. There is not enough late season water to satisfy everyone all the time.

Kansas has long fought Wyoming over water rights issues. And Montana is currently suing Wyoming, claiming that the Yellowstone River Compact signed in 1950 gives rights to both surface and ground water, while Wyoming disagrees. On February 18, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the lawsuit.

Wyoming officials say they are adhering to the compact and that the drought has meant less water for both states.

But Montana says Wyoming is storing more water in reservoirs than the compact permits and allowing excessive pumping of groundwater reserves that feed into the two rivers.

Those “groundwater” reserves are tapped by some Wyoming farmers to irrigate their fields. Energy companies discharge large volumes of groundwater during production of coal-bed methane, a type of natural gas prevalent in northern Wyoming.

Authorities do not see this fight over increasingly limited water resources going away anytime soon.

Everyone is going to have to learn to get by with less.

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Zambian government launches a new agricultural policy

Zambian government launches a new agricultural policy

December 22, 2004

The government of Zambia has launched a new national agricultural policy, according to a report by the Times of Zambia. The newspaper reports that the policy was announced yesterday by the country’s Minister of Agriculture & Co-Operatives, Mr. Mundia Sikatana.

At the event marking the launch of the new program, Mr. Sikatana described the policy as addressing the issues of food security, economic growth and poverty reduction. The policy will cover all sectors of agriculture in the nation, and will be implemented by the ministry of Agriculture.

Mr Sikatana went on to say that the policy contained detailed strategies to cover a variety of sectors within the agricultural industry, including livestock, fisheries, irrigation, and agricultural finance. The new policy also continues Zambia’s previous policy of prohibiting the import and use of genetically modified foods within the country. This policy is controversial due to areas of poverty within the country, and the smuggling of genetically modified grains into the country earlier this month.

The Zambian government has previously been criticised by some for its annual ban on fishing during December. It is unclear whether this policy, which was widely applauded by environmentalists and implemented to protect sensitive fish stocks, will be affected by the new agricultural policy.

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Early morning fire kills four New York group home residents

Early morning fire kills four New York group home residents

Sunday, March 22, 2009

After an early morning fire began, four out of the nine people living at the Riverview Individual Residential Alternative group home located in Wells, New York were killed by the blaze. The Sunmount Developmental Disabilities Services Office, which supervises the home, told the media that the fire started at approximately 5:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Two staff members were at the home at the time, who safely evacuated four of the five survivors.

The names of the residents killed in the fire were not able to be released due to New York’s Mental Hygiene Law, but are able to be identified as two adult men, aged 32 and 52, and two adult women, aged 43 and 60. A 71-year-old male was injured in the fire, and was taken to a hospital in Utica, a nearby city. The other four residents have been relocated to an unnamed group home. Both staff members are also being examined at the hospital.

“On behalf of all New Yorkers, I wish to extend my heartfelt condolences to the families, loved ones and friends of the four victims and to continue to pray for the full recovery of those five people and two staff members who survived this incident. I also want to express my thanks and appreciation for the first responders and volunteers who worked swiftly and diligently to respond to this tragedy,” David Patterson, the governor of New York, said to the media.

The exact cause of the fire has yet to be determined. However, the New York Civil Liberties Union stated that “the blaze appears to have been an electrical fire and the sprinkler system was knocked out immediately.” They also called for “an immediate investigation into the causes of and contributing factors of the fire.”

The New York State Department of State Office of Fire Prevention and Control is currently investigating the causes of the blaze, with help from New York State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the New York State Commission on Quality of Care and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities.

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Kimi Räikkönen will start first for 2007 European Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton suffers a crash

Kimi Räikkönen will start first for 2007 European Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton suffers a crash

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ferrari driver Kimi Räikkönen won the pole on the FIA Formula-1 2007 European Grand Prix at the Nürburgring, Nürburg, Germany.

Kimi’s rival Fernando Alonso split the two Ferraris and will start between Kimi and Felipe Massa.

Lewis Hamilton suffered a serious crash in the third qualifying session after his tire broke in Schumacher‘s S-curve and he found himself out of the track running at a tangent to the safety wall. Race officials confirmed that Lewis had been “conscious and speaking”. Still, there are reasonable doubts about his fitness for the race Sunday.

BMW Sauber team drivers 4th and 5th, Mark Webber from Red Bull-Renault 6th, Heikki Kovalainen from Renault 7th and Toyota‘s 8th and 9th.

Before this incident Lewis was fifth, but dropped two the tenth place and will probably lose more with the car change if he’ll participate in the race. It seemes that his incretible series of 9 consecutive pole finishes have come to an end.

The race will feature Marcus Winkelhock, the German driver replacing Christijan Albers in Spyker.

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